Thursday, October 25, 2012

My First Post!

Well, hello there! My name is Jani Fraga, and I am so excited to be writing my very first post on my very first photo blog! Whether we're face-to-face friends or you've stumbled upon my page while exploring the web ... welcome!

A little about me - I am 28 and live in New Hampshire. (Yes, that is my back yard). I LOVE this time of year.

This is a picture of me and the main man in my life - my hubster. He doesn't like his picture taken, so I am sure there will be more text about him than images :)

And, our furry little fuzzbutt, Truffles. I can't handle how cute she is ... hopefully you can, because she loves the spotlight.

While my background is in marketing, my creative passion seems to drive me towards creative outlets such as cake decorating and photography. In this blog, I will be documenting more of my creative side - I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to follow me on Instagram (Fragarock828) - I am addicted.

See you soon!


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