Monday, August 19, 2013

Dance like a photographer's watching

I am still in the "catch-up" phase in my blog posts, and was deciding on what to write about this week. In the spirit of audition results being announced today, I thought it was fitting to feature DanceWorks Boston. 

Since the age of two, dance has been a staple throughout my life. As many dancers who grew up on marley will agree, realizing your lifelong hobby 'career' is coming to an end is a tough pill to swallow. Lucky for me (and anyone in the Boston area!) there is an organization called DanceWorks Boston - a community of non-professional dancers who rush out of their 9-5 careers to hit the dance floor and rehearse for a performance. Here's a little bit of information from their website:

DanceWorks Boston was founded by Director Lisa Mara in 2010 with the mission of providing a performance outlet for advanced & technically trained dancers (18+) who want to continue choreographing and performing after college and into their adult life. Our mission is to provide a professional, yet fun & flexible environment for dancers of all styles to come together as a community. A place where dancers find a balance between feeling challenged in the studio, but not overwhelmed by the commitment.

Getting to know the dancers over the 13 weeks of one-hour rehearsal blocks and having the opportunity to dance with them was truly a blessing for me, as I was not quite ready to put my tights into storage. But no one can prepare themselves for tech week - the most exhausting and exhilarating week leading up to the show. During the breaks in between the dances I was performing in, I tiptoed into the stage area and snapped some shots of my incredibly talented friends.


 I can honestly say that I am stagesick looking at these pictures, and I hope I can find a similar company in my new home-state of Arkansas. While my feet are no longer stepping onto the rehearsal floor or gliding across the performance stage with DWB, my heart is certainly there with some of the most incredible friends I could ask for.

Best of luck to all of the new and veteran DanceWorks Boston cast - I look forward to watching your final performance videos on YouTube in January!

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